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In all its glory, here’s Pineapple James Harden Head with blackberry beard (pic)

Another day, another off-kilter way in which a person has expressed his or her admiration to the mega-bearded Oklahoma City Thunder’s budding superstar.

To recap, and in no uncertain terms is this an exhaustive list:

You know, if you pair the Pineapple James Harden Head — with its previously mentioned blackberry beard, along with its orange wedge mouth, strawberry nose, kiwi eyes and blueberry eyebrows and pupilsĀ  –with the James Harden Head Cake, boy oh boy, you have the makings of a pretty nice NBA Finals party spread. All you need is a Russell “Brussels Sprout” Westbrook veggie tray and you’re set.

And lastly, with all that fruit, are any parents out there now singing “Yummy yummy” to themselves? I know I am.