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Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf fail miserably at executing high-five (video, GIF)

With the Miami Heat up 17 on the Oklahoma City Thunder late in the second quarter in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf attempted to execute a celebratory high-five during a time out. Sadly, it was not to be as the two clumsily engaged in an epic display of celebration fail as Turiaf raised his hand up higher than Bosh, resulting in a big whiff. Not pretty.

For those who enjoy animated GIF goodness, it follows.

Now, as we all know, Seinfeld once referred to the high-five as the lowest form of male primate ritual. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Bosh couldn’t pull it off. You know, since it has been postulated that Bosh very well could be part-ostrich. I mean, ostriches are birds that can’t even fly with those useless wings. How can anyone expect Bosh to be able to execute a high-five?