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Larry Bird’s crotch bulge highlights NMA World Edition’s NBA Finals preview (video)

Sweet Fancy Moses! Who knew Larry Bird was packing? I guess it’s possible he was referred to as “Larry Legend” for more than one reason.

As is always the case with NMA World Edition’s Taiwanese animation treatment of the biggest sports news of the moment, its analysis and breakdown of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder is chock-full of goodness.

Video follows.

Among the highlights:

  • Dwyane Wade shooting himself then Chris Bosh up with a syringe filled with “MOJO” — obviously, “MOJO” is not considered a performance-enhancing drug
  • Gollum stealing away LeBron’s “Precious” and presenting it to Mark Cuban in a Mordor-like locale, then LeBron spewing a fountain of tears from his eyes
  • LeBron assuming a lurching crawl into Oklahoma City a la Gollum — or maybe Sméagol — in his quest for the Ring
  • The aforementioned Larry Bird crotch bulge, to illustrate how the Heat-Thunder series — specifically LeBron vs. Durant — conjures up memories of the classic Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson rivalry
  • Dwyane Wade setting James Harden ablaze with a bit of conjuring
  • Russell Westrook utilizing wizardry and a lightning spell to electrocute a Heat player — geez, a lot of magic stuff going on
  • Everybody hates the Heat
  • Carol of “Learn English with Carol” fame rocking some cut-off shorts

All in all, a solid effort.