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Twins fan a skilled multitasker, snags foul ball while talking on cell phone (video)

In today’s modern world, if you can’t accomplish two tasks simultaneously, you aren’t trying hard enough. Driving to work while eating a bowl of cereal? Child’s play (I’ve actually seen that one). Holding down a job by doing just enough while slacking off reading about sports on the internet all day? Please. Catching a foul ball at a baseball game and still being able to carry on a conversation on your cell phone? Easy-peezy, lemon-squeezy.

And that is exactly what a fan accomplished Tuesday evening while taking in the Philadelphia Phillies’ visit to Target Field to take on the Minnesota Twins in an interleague game. Seated along the first base line, multitasker extraordinaire snatches a foul ball with his mitt without skipping a beat and missing out on all the important details surely being discussed on this very important phone call. Although it would have been far cooler (or douchier?) if had been wearing one of those obnoxious earpiece thingies.

And while his display of fielding while gabbing was somewhat impressive, can this guy pat his head while rubbing his stomach? I doubt it. That’s a sign of a truly skilled multitasker. Or someone with a lot of time on their hands. One of the two.