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Philadelphia Eagles, Angry Birds announce partnership with bizarre animated video

The Philadelphia Eagles and Rovio, the outfit behind the wildy successful Angry Birds franchise, have announced an unprecedented partnership that will at the very least include an Eagles-centric version of the game, tentatively scheduled to be released this fall.

Said Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s General Manager for North America:

“We’re very selective, we haven’t done a lot of partnerships so when we do them we want to do them deep and well,” Stalbow said. He said you can count those deep partnerships on one hand–including the most notable one, a deal with 20th Century Fox’s film “Rio.” The company also paired with racing league Formula One for a mini-game, though the Eagles are the first sports team to ink a deal.

“I think if we can be smart, there are organic partnerships and it’s a great way to grow our business,” Stalbow said. “One of the things we’re quite proud of is that we were able to grow our business without spending money on marketing and partnering is key.”

Ari Roitman, the Eagles’ senior vice president of business, added how the team jumped at the opportunity:

“This is, for them, a test the waters type of a partnership and we desperately wanted to go first,” Roitman said. “We did not want anyone else in this country to have a partnership with these guys before we did. It’s a pretty competitive avian sports nickname landscape out there.”

Indeed. As a Wall Street Journal report points out, there are a gaggle (pun intended) of bird-themed sports team in the North American market alone, including the Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks in the NFL; the St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball; the Pittsburgh Penguins, Atlanta Thrashers and Anaheim Ducks in the NHL;  and in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks. With that in mind, it was a no-brainer for the Eagles to partner up with a game franchise that has had reportedly over 1 billion downloads.

But all the above data, quotes and whatnot are all merely academic angles and not the reason why we made mention of this announcement here at SoB. The primary reason, of course, was to upload the video of an animated Andy Reid holding a press conference with a bunch of Angry Birds. It follows.

Wow. Coach Reid seems a lot more muscular and considerably less flabby when portrayed as a cartoon character. Maybe it’s the lack of constant perspiration. Who knows?