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TMZ’s quest: Figuring out if bikini-clad Erin Andrews had her boobs done (pics)

So, the lovely and talented Erin Andrews stepped out in Miami over the weekend, looking resplendent in a two-piece bikini. Photogs captured a bevy of images which TMZ of course got their grubby mitts on.

What caught the eyes of the folks at TMZ most about the photos were Miss Andrews’ “massive boobs,” as they put it, leading them to ponder whether or not the sideline princess had some work done upon them. And if you ask me, in the world of covering the personalities who make up the world of sports journalism, no single issue is more pressing. Well, either that or if Bob Ryan has actually crossed over and joined the world of the undead. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Photos of the stunning Erin Andrews and her gallivanting-on-the-beach-in-a-bikini escapades follow.

Now, some of you might have noticed a tinge of sarcasm in the above paragraphs (if you actually read them) regarding TMZ’s story. Yet, I further propagated it by not only mentioning and linking to it, but by also uploading the photos to SoB. My issue with it is the angle of TMZ’s story, not the photos. See, I would have simply went with, “Erin Andrews looks phenomenal in a bikini and here are some photos,” and left the entire boob job angle out. But then again, I’m higher-minded that way. Granted, I am peddling to the basest ogling impulses of many who travail around and about the interwebs, sure, but a classy one who aspires to only the most esteemed forms of pandering.

Erin Andrews remains the gold standard in sideline hottie goodness, and believe me, I know what butters SoB’s bread, kids. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And I know how the game is played. She’s not referred to as Erin Pageviews for nothing, after all.