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Mom walks out on ice after fight breaks out during youth hockey game (vid)

Not only are the details sketchy relating to the particulars — not to mention the participants — involved in this highly entertaining video, but the irate mother’s decision to storm the ice surface after a full-on melee breaks out during a game is pretty sketchy as well.

According to the YouTube description, this crazy scene played out during a “Boston Raptors & Tribe game.” While a rudimentary search elicited no results on who or what the Tribe is, according to its website, the Boston Raptors is an organization that runs “Elite Spring/Summer Tournament Teams From Mites to Midgets” “designed for ‘Elite’ and ‘AAA’ Youth Hockey Players that want to retain and improve their hockey skills during the Spring & Summer months in preparation for the Fall/Winter Season” and players are selected by invitation only.

People allowed on the ice during play are apparently — and rightfully so — by invitation only, because when the mother hen struts out onto the ice to complain about the chaos transpiring during the all-out brawl, she is met immediately by a referee who loudly commands her to “GET OFF THE ICE!! GET OFF THE ICE!!” Finger-pointing from both ref and mommy wrap up the confrontation and it looks mom waddles off the ice after expressing her unhappiness which I assume included a desperate plea of “Won’t somebody think of the children???”

Two things come to mind after watching the video: first, the refs appeared about as disinterested in pulling combatants off each other and putting a kibosh on the brawl as a pair of referees could be. And secondly, I feel so, so bad for the son of Irate Invading Ice Momma. You don’t think he’s going to catch any crap from his fellow hockey players for that ultimate, embarrassing act of parental interference, do you?

[H/T The Awesome Boston]