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Female Kings fan grew armpit hair ‘playoff beard ‘ for Luc Robitaille tattoo (pic)

Yeah, pretty much any time “armpit hair” and “female” are included in a title or a description of anything, well, it’s not going to be pretty. And this is most definitely one of those occasions.

Thanks to the intrepid photographer work of one Ryan Malia who uploaded the above disturbing photo to Instagram, we have evidence of one ladylike Los Angeles Kings fan’s way of supporting the team: by growing out her armpit hair.

Well, that doesn’t tell the entire story. You see, this particular fan, for some mind-boggling reason, has a tattoo of Kings legend Luc Robitaille, a Hall of Famer who spent 14 seasons during three stints with the team. And to do her part, not to mention honor the tradition of hockey players growing playoff beards during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, she eschewed the razor in order to grow an armpit hair playoff beard for her Robitaille armpit tattoo.

Why anyone would get a tattoo of a hockey player in their armpit eludes by capacity for comprehension, but then to grow out an armpit hair playoff beard for it? Yamma hamma.

I suppose, now with the Kings winning its first Stanley Cup, she can break out the aforementioned razor and clean up that mess now. Although it is possible she has warmed to the idea of not having to shave her pits and opts to go the European route. But then again, Robitaille is Canadian, and since I’m pretty sure women up there usually perform that act of feminine grooming, perhaps doing so wouldn’t be a worthwhile tribute. At least until next season’s playoff run, right?

[H/T Puck Daddy]