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Tim Tebow’s feats of strength prompt Rex Ryan to refer to the QB as ‘crazy strong’

An impressive display of strength in the weight room by New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow recently caused head coach Rex Ryan to gush all over his strengthy manliness. Yes, I am aware– that strengthy is not a word, but when it comes to one Timothy Richard Tebow, rules go out the window, grammatically and otherwise.

According to a report from Rich Cimini, an unnamed lineman approached Tebow in the weight room with a challenge: a contest to see which one could keep their arms extended holding sledgehammer weights for the longest amount of time.

Apparently, the challenge was accepted by Tebow and wouldn’t you know it? Tebow outlasted the now-presumably humiliated lineman by 14 seconds, 1:04 to Tebow’s 1:18.

Rex Ryan, blown away by the Herculean strengthiness (another new word) of the quarterback, said, “This guy is crazy with how strong he is, and the kind of focus (he has),” adding, “I see that from him. He’s super competitive.”

You haven’t even begun to see a peek of Tebow’s super competitiveness, Coach Ryan. Just wait until you stand dumbfounded on the sideline, wondering how a quarterback who goes 9-20 for 104 yards can nevertheless will his team to victory in a hostile road environment. Oh wait. Ryan has already seen that. Last season, when the Tebow-led Broncos shocked the Jets 17-13 at MetLife Stadium in November.

Well, it will probably be much more enjoyable watching it from the other sideline this season, though.