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Whatever NBA ref Bill Kennedy was trying to do on this foul call, I like it (video)

Not only were the San Antonio Spurs eliminated from the NBA playoffs Wednesday night after losing Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team also had to suffer the indignity of standing there and watching one of their own being shown up by a ref during an overly demonstrative, highly expressive foul call.

About midway through the 4th quarter, veteran NBA referee Bill Kennedy called a foul on Spurs player Stephen Jackson. And do you know how the phrase “selling the foul” is sometimes thrown around explaining how a basketball player can help convince a referee to blow his whistle on an opponent? Well, whatever Bill Kennedy is doing in this video is the referee version of it.

I don’t know exactly what Kennedy is trying to articulate with his shimmy-shake, pseudo-double-golf-swing histrionics here, but I must admit I appreciate his style and marveled at his moves.

As stated above, that, my friends, is how you sell a foul…call.

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