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Snuggies are still around and being worn by a Red Sox relief pitcher (video)

And here I thought Snuggies had gone the way of the ShamWow and the Slap Chop. But it turns out I was wrong…sadly, disappointingly wrong.

The sleeved blanket known as Snuggie is still around and was in fact utilized by Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Alfredo Aceves during a crisp and chilly night at Fenway park as the BoSox faced the Baltimore Orioles. An embarrassing — yet presumably snuggly – fashion fail, to be sure.

According to weather data, the high in Boston on Wednesday only reached 61 degrees with a low temperature of 52, so it’s reasonable to assume that the temp when Aceves put on that ridiculous Snuggie was more on the low end of the temperature extremes for the day, so it certainly wasn’t balmy in Beantown. Still, that doesn’t excuse slinging on that ridiculous getup, either.

For those of you interested in the stylish Skull & Crossbones Snuggie Aceves is sporting, it looks like you can purchase a reasonable approximation of it right here for $14.99. What a deal.

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