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(Insert ‘tossing a salad’ joke here) Ukraine soccer players sickened by ‘bad salad’

'Ukraine not weak!'

Ten Ukraine soccer players suffered a bout of food poisoning that currently is being attributed to a “bad salad” that the ill players dined on at a German hotel before the team’s final warm-up game before Euro 2012 on Tuesday.

From a report from The Guardian:

The Ukraine team doctor, Leonid Mironov, said the players were hit by “the bad effects of eating a salad”.

The team spokesman, Oleksandr Glyvynskiy, said there would be no further investigation into the cause of the food poisoning, despite head coach, Oleh Blokhin, saying on Ukrainian TV that “it may have been sabotage”.

Please note that the Ukraine team doctor said “bad effects of eating a salad,” not “the bad effects of tossing a salad.” Hopefully, doctor-patient confidentiality would prevent Dr. Leonid Mironov from disclosing that kind of personal — and gross — information.