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Indians closer addresses Sabermetrics’ inability to quanitfy ‘heart and balls’

Indians closer Chris Perez is an opinionated fellow and isn’t afraid to express it, as illustrated by his willingness to rip Cleveland fans for what he perceived as their lack of support for the hometown team during a gripe last month.

Perez apparently also has an issue with the obsession with Sabermetrics as relied upon by stats geeks and number nerds. And he took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the kind of qualities that cannot be measured nor quantified, and it all has to do with the “heart and balls” of a player.

I have to agree with Perez: Sabermetrics is incapable of quantifying those immeasurable qualities, which most certainly should be taken into account when determining the true worth of a player. But as far as “heart and balls” are concerned, a stethoscope and a tape measure can do the trick in a pinch. Not that it would be a good idea for a Sabermetrics geek to go into a team’s clubhouse armed with those tools and attempt to take some measurements. That would be just looking for trouble.

[H/T Hardball Talk]