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Here’s Metta World Peace doing the weather on Canadian television (video)

You might not know it by looking at his body of work on and off the basketball court, but Metta World Peace fancies himself as something of a jack of all trades, always interested in broadening his horizons and exploring the many wonderful things this amazing world has to offer.

We needn’t look any further than the Lakers star’s foray into meteorological reporting for CTV in Vancouver recently. As you can see, even with practically no experience whatsoever, Metta World Peace jumps right in front of the green screen and begins his analysis of the radar. Excellent job.

I’m not sure which part of “Metta World Peace: Amateur Weatherman” is my favorite: when he says the city of Victoria “sounds like she’s hot, but she’s actually cold” because it’s 14 degrees there (Metta obviously doesn’t understand the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit) or when he, while pointing out the ocean to the west, indicates that “it’s water over here.” A bang-up job, to be sure.

[H/T The Big Lead]