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Street construction sign in Boston reads ‘GO CELTICS FCK LBJ’ (photo)

Huh. While I admire the person responsible for programming (or more likely hacking) this street construction sign to display a message of support for the hometown Boston Celtics as the team heads into a potentially NBA Finals-clinching Game 6 on Thursday night, I have no idea why the person felt the need to take a vulgar potshot at the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson. I mean, he passed away in 1973 so he was long dead before the Miami Heat was named an NBA expansion franchise in 1988. So why the hate? Further, this isn’t the first time this kind of anti-LBJ sentiment has occurred relating to the Miami Heat and one of its opponents.

Some days I just don’t get sports fans. Other days I wonder how many times I can use the same lame joke. Yeah, I keep myself busy thinking about stuff.

[via @ZachKrantz, H/T TBL]