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Tim Tebow: ‘I’m too busy to Google myself’ (video)

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow made an appearance at the Hope for Children Gala in New York City Monday night and while there, he was interviewed by Shira Lazar of something called What’s Trending, which is some kind of newfangled online, interactive talk show.

A myriad of topics are covered during the interview and they are covered in somewhat of an awkward fashion. I mean it’s kind of uncomfortable to watch, especially when Miss Lazar whacks herself in the forehead with her iPad during a Tebowing effort. Yikes.

But Lazar and Tebow did somehow manage to power through the entire four-minute interview, discussing the aforementioned Tebowing (of course) as well as more online-centric issues, such as Tebow’s foray into Twitter and a question from Lazar about whether or not he’s aware of what is said about him online, to which Tebow replies, “I’m too busy to Google myself.” Ha.

And while I’m sure Tebow is in fact a very busy man, my guess is that his aversion to Googling himself might be that he believes he was told at some point or another that if he ever did such a nasty thing like Googling himself, he’d go blind, although I’m pretty sure he is thinking of something else entirely.

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