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OKC building facade now adorned with a James Harden beard, Mohawk (pic)


If it wasn’t readily apparent that James Harden mania is in full swing in Oklahoma City during these NBA playoffs yet, it most certainly is obvious now given that a building in town now features a fitting homage to the Thunder player.

Ketch Design Center, located on N. Western Avenue, now has a distinctly James Harden feel to it, thanks to the addition of NBA Sixth Man of the Year’s trademark beard and mohawk adorning the facade of its storefront. Fantastic. Giving the building an anthropomorphic facelift evokes thoughts of the Sphinx in Egypt, but it’s, you know, different.

And if Harden keeps up his in-game heroics and helps the Thunder not only reach the NBA Finals but win it all, there’s simply no telling what kind of grandiose tribute the citizens of Oklahoma City will come up with next. The options are seemingly endless: fronts of city buses featuring a James Harden beard, bushes and foliage in city parks being manicured to resemble Harden’s likeness. Parents shaving their children’s heads and super-gluing James Harden beards on their young faces. Actually, that last one may be considered as a form of child abuse, so it might be wise to resist doing that kind of thing.

[via @robshahan, via BDL]