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Local TV news broadcasts continue to fail at covering Stanley Cup (video)

Sure, it appears that overall, pretty much nobody is watching the Stanley Cup Finals here in the States, but one should be able to reasonably expect that at least local television stations in the markets of the two teams competing for Lord Stanley’s Cup would have their act together and be able to provide accurate information about the NHL’s grandest showcase.

Unfortunately, in the Los Angeles and New York/New Jersey markets, sadly that has not been the case, as on more than one occasion local television newscasts have failed miserably in their pursuit of competent reporting of these NHL playoffs (see here and here).

And now we have this entry in epic fails from FOX LA where an anchor refers to Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick, who has had an unbelievably remarkable run of dominance in the playoffs, as Jonathan Swift, the 18th century Irish writer most notably known for being the author of Gulliver’s Travels. I guess it’s better than referring to the goalie as Nestle Quik. Or maybe not. Hard to say, really.

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