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New York TV station’s graphic says the Islanders are in the Stanley Cup (pic)

Above is a screengrab from New York’s WABC-7 news broadcast that erroneously used the New York Islanders logo when reporting on the Stanley Cup Finals, which feature the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils, not the Islanders. Islanders, Devils. Long Island, New Jersey. Tomato, tomat-oh. Same diff, right?

Just a few weeks ago, NBC4 Los Angeles felt compelled to issue an apology after the station used the Sacramento Kings logo instead of the Los Angeles Kings logo during a report on the hometown hockey team, now this happens. I guess it doesn’t matter what coast a station is on, the NHL continues to get no love during local broadcasts. As I always do when things go wrong relating to the NHL, I choose to blame Commissioner Gary Bettman for this gaffe. How could he possibly be responsible, you ask? He just is.

To make matters worse, they used the New York Islanders logo, for Pete’s sake. The Rangers? Sure. But the Islanders haven’t made it to a Stanley Cup Finals since 1984 and haven’t been within sniffing distance of the Finals since losing in the Conference Finals to the Montreal Canadiens in 1993. That’s a mighty long time for such a once-proud franchise. That’s gotta make it sting a bit more for Islanders fans, huh?

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