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Here’s LeBron James Jr. getting smoked by a wicked crossover in youth game (video)

Sure, we could go with a “Like father, like son” reference here, but I have no idea if the play in question when LeBron James, Jr. gets crossed up and dropped to the floor by an opponent’s killer crossover occurred during crunch time in the fourth quarter.

(rim shot)

LeBron, Jr, 7, who by all accounts had an otherwise terrific performance in a youth pickup game earlier this May (as evidenced by some highlights in the video), apparently gave a good accounting of his basketball skills while playing against older competition, including 9-year-old Jalen Smith, the boy who caused LeBron, Jr. to look so foolish, in light of his lineage. Well, as foolish as anything a 7-year-old boy does while playing a game should be considered.

Smith says in the video that playing against LeBron James’ son was “a lot of fun,” but if appears that young Jalen isn’t as nonplussed as you would expect a wee lad to be given his opponent, Smith’s lineage, while not as esteemed nor regal as Prince James’, does merit mentioning:

Then again, Smith may not have been awestruck my James Jr.’s lineage in part because he comes from similar stock. Both of Smith’s parents were professional hoopsters — his father, Dwayne Smith, played professionally in Luxembourg and Estonia after a successful career at Florida DII powerhouse Eckerd College, while his mother Felicia is the school’s all-time leading scorer and was a Division II All-American.

And there you have it. Hopefully, all the LeBron haters out there don’t take too much glee in watching his son get smoked on the basketball court. The kid is 7-years-old, after all. Further, he probably could school most of us adult-sized chuckers anyway.

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