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DeShawn Stevenson charges pals $4.50 to use the ATM machine in his kitchen

Brooklyn Nets guard DeShawn Stevenson generated a bunch of buzz on the interwebs earlier this week when he uploaded a photo of himself on Instagram posing next to an ATM machine he had installed in his kitchen. And I don’t need to tell any of you out there obsessed with having to have the latest gadgets and doohickeys that an ATM is a must-have small kitchen appliance, right up there with a coffeemaker and Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

Stevenson told TMZ that he paid $3,500 for the ATM machine and that the machine holds about $20,000 which requires refilling about 4-6 times per year.

But the kicker is the fact that Stevenson admitted that he charges his buddies a $4.50 service charge to make cash withdrawals so they have money in their pockets before heading out for a night on the town. Seems a bit steep if you ask me, but what are they going to do? Go all the way upstairs and hit up the ATM in Stevenson’s bathroom? I’m operating under the assumption the ATM in the kitchen is the only one in the house, but to be honest, who knows?

Stevenson added that the idea for the unique addition was not his own and that he realized how handy having an in-house ATM machine after seeing when Rob Dyrdek of MTV reality show fame had one installed in his home. I might be dating myself a bit, but I have no idea who this Rob Dyrdek fellow is. And to be honest, the fact that I am unaware of some schmuck from reality shows on MTV is very comforting.

But in the end, let’s just hope that the presence of an ATM machine in his home doesn’t set Stevenson down the path to a head-squashing fate similar to the one suffered by Spooge in the Breaking Bad episode “Peekaboo.” That wouldn’t be good for anybody.