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Curt Schilling is the Scrooge McDuck of failed video game company entrepreneurs

"That bloody sock has got to be in here somewhere"

According to an Associated Press report, Curt Schilling has put up 3,200 gold coins worth an estimated $5 million as collateral in order to secure a loan in February, only a day after his now-reeling 38 Studios company released its first video game.

The Boston Globe reports that Schilling is listed as the debtor on a loan secured through lender Bank Rhode Island, according to financial statements filed in Massachusetts.

38 Studios laid off its entire staff of 406 employees last week amid devastating financial woes for the company that included a late $1.1 million payment to Rhode Island’s Economic Development Corporation and the company’s inability to make payroll.

And while the future looks grim for Schilling, his company and the now-out-of-work employees, I am mostly flabbergasted that Schilling had over 3,000 gold coins in his possession and at his disposal. He truly is the Scrooge McDuck of failed video game company entrepreneurs.

Further, one would think given his last name that the former MLB pitching great would have instead invested in collectible shillings…

KA-CHING!!! Now that’s a joke you can take to the bank, baby! And I’m willing to lend the rights to it to Mr. Schilling during these trying financial times, should we be able to come to a mutually beneficial financial arrangement.

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