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A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon listens to Adele to get pumped up to pitch

According to his teammate Brandon McCarthy, Oakland Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon has a unique way of getting inspired and juiced up before a start. Like many athletes, he listens to music before game time: to get centered, focused and ready to compete.

Only in Colon’s case, his choice of music is quite unique, given it’s reasonable to assume that athletes would prefer to listen to something that pumped them up, Colon’s artist of choice is interesting: he listens to Adele. Talk about rocking out. Said McCarthy: “Bartolo loves Adele. He listens to ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ before every start. He goes around and shows everyone what’s on his iPad.”

“Set Fire To The Rain”, eh? Interesting choice. But to be fair to Colon, that particular track from Adele’s multi-platinum album could be considered upbeat of all the songs contained on it, still it’s an odd selection.

Still, different people have different methods of getting themselves prepared for things and further, every person’s musical tastes are unique, and how said music affects them personally can be wholly different than how it affects someone else. Take me, for instance. I listen to Ministry whenever I meditate. Sure, I never feel any sense of relaxation after a meditation session, but I am pretty amped up and ready to run through a wall if needed. Which is nice, although maybe something a little lighter might help me achieve a more relaxing sense of calm. The Misfits, perhaps.

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