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Allen Wranglers serve eviction notice on Terrell Owens

in happier times...

If anyone thought the sad saga of Terrell Owens as a halfwit player in a two-bit league was over when the Allen Wranglers unceremoniously cut the malcontent after he refused to play in two upcoming road games, and perhaps most egregious of all, didn’t show up for a scheduled appearance at a children’s hospital, well, you’d be wrong.

It turns out that the T.O.-Wranglers war is just getting started. Yay.

According to a TMZ report, as co-owner of the team, not to mention some other arrangements between the player and the franchise, there are a few details that need to be ironed out before the split between the two obviously unhappy parties (did anyone expect it to end any other way?) can be finalized.

Some of the matters needing resolution: evicting T.O. from the home the team provided, repossessing a Jeep Wrangler they also granted use of while Owens was a member of the team, and most importantly, the 50% stake T.O. has in the team.

Take it away, TMZ:

But we’re told T.O. is saying his contract allowed him to skip away games. As for the missed event … we’re told T.O. claims the team publicist told him the wrong date. Sources close to T.O. tell TMZ the Allen Wranglers notified their star player, in writing, he had 48 hours to get out of the house they provided him — and to hand over the keys to the 2012 Jeep Cherokee they gave him to tool around the Texas town.

But the biggest diss of all — the $50 check the Wranglers wrote T.O. to repurchase his hefty share of the team’s ownership! The financial screwing is most likely tied to the team’s belief that T.O. breached his contract by missing a charity event and sitting out 2 away games.

Bam! Fifty bucks? Coldblooded. Man, T.O. got served…literally and figuratively.

But if you think a person like Terrell Owens is going to take this sort of perceived malfeasance lying down, think again. Owens is reportedly consulting with his attorneys regarding a myriad of Wranglers-related issues, as he feels he was wrongly terminated and perhaps even slandered by the team. The funny thing about slander is, if it’s all true, it ain’t slander. And given his track record, it’s not foolish to go with the hunch that everything the Wranglers have said about the team’s former player/business partner up to this point is indeed accurate.

T.O. will have his opportunity to tell his side of the story, perhaps even in a court of law (not to mention being tried in the court of public opinion), so I suppose everyone will have to wait and see just how horribly Terrell Owens can further destroy not only his already damaged reputation, but any prospects, however minute, of him ever making it back to the NFL again. Get your popcorn ready.