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White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson took 16 Advil following epic meltdown

Chicago White Sox veteran television play-by-play man Ken “Hawk” Harrelson has been called many things over his broadcasting career: passionate, a dyed-in-the-wool White Sox homer, annoying (to non-ChiSox fans), entertaining, and so on.

But after Wednesday’s face-melting blowout during the broadcast of the White Sox-Rays game after Sox pitcher Jose Quintana was ejected after throwing behind Ben Zobrist after two White Sox previously had been drilled, a few more entries might have been added to the list of words that describe ol’ Hawk…many of them related to his relative emotional stability.

Video of the must-see meltdown and Harrelson’s comments about it to Chicago radio station 670 The Score follows.

First, the video:

Here’s what Hawk had to say to Mully and Hanley on Thursday about his epic rant (via Sports Radio Interviews):

Whether he knows how much attention his rant has gotten:

“I really don’t know about it. I don’t tweet. The only thing I do is go on the internet to watch the MLB app and I play hearts and gin.”

On why he got so upset about it:

“Here’s the thing about it we had two guys get drilled, now (Gordon) Beckham didn’t get hit intentionally but he got hit hard and all of the sudden now A.J.(Pierzynski) comes up and if A.J. doesn’t turn the wrong way he could’ve gotten hit in the head because he threw that ball behind his right shoulder. When you throw behind a guy’s front, lead shoulder you are trying to do one of two things, you’re trying to hit him and the next thing is you’re trying to hurt him. If A.J. turns the wrong way he’s going to turn his face or head right into that pitch. We had two guys drilled, none of their guys got thrown at, none of their guys left their feet and then all the sudden we throw at (Ben) Zobrist, which was below the belt about knee high behind him, and he throws Quintana out? Give me a break.”

And after Hawk calmed down a bit, what happened next?

How he feels about the rant now that it is a day later:

“First of all I still have a headache because I got so upset yesterday. I took four Advil after that inning was over and then I had to take four more on the plane and then when I got home last night I had to take four more. Also when I got up this morning I had to take four more.

Jeez Louise, that’s a lot of ibuprofen to take, man. Methinks he was taking the wrong kind of pain reliever. If I recall correctly, if a person has a headache “this big” (holds hands far outside head), don’t those usually have Excedrin written all over them?