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Reader of Twin Cites paper leaves irate voicemail about Ricky Rubio airport photo

When Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio uploaded a photo to Twitter of himself watching the NBA playoffs on a television while sitting in a baggage carousel at an airport, most reasonable folks likely chuckled at the humorous image. Perhaps it even made Rubio that much more of an endearing individual in the eyes of his fans, something mentioned in a caption of the photo when it was published on the website of the Star Tribune, a Twin Cities newspaper.

Sadly, when a person has the unfortunate characteristic of having no life combined with the character flaw of having no sense of humor, things like what is described below can and will occur.

One reader of the Star Tribune was so bothered by the paper publishing the photo and became so irate that he or she had no other option but to make their opinion heard by leaving an irate voicemail with the Star Tribune about the irresponsibility of it all. Yep.

The voicemail in question from the most downiest of all Debbie Downers, as transcribed verbatim by Michael Rand of RandBall:

“[Name redacted] calling about the Rubio airport lounge. … You know, I am totally disappointed that you would print that. I don’t think he even had the good sense to realize it was inappropriate. If all of us hopped up and sat down on the carousel, or if every child of 6 and 7 hopped up on the carousel, they would have security pulling those kids off. Why, then, do we tolerate such behavior from a 21-year-old who puts it out there for others to see?

“It’s bad enough he does it, but then he self-publishes his picture. Think about it! If every 6 or 7 year old at the airport were to hop on the carousels, security would be getting them off. Why do we have a different rule, and why would the Star Tribune publish something? Our athletes are all spoiled.

“I think you made some points that were important. I agree, elevate the leg. Many people elevate their legs for many reasons. But we don’t hop on a carousel and sit there and watch TV. I’m disappointed in the Star Tribune, and obviously I don’t agree with the athletes of today. They’re spoiled brats. And I know a few of them.”

Sigh. Okay, in the immortal words of Helen Lovejoy, everybody all at once:

Good grief.