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Nothing to see here, just a Phillies fan caught picking his nose at a game (pic)

Ha. Now that’s embarrassing. But I’d be careful if I was Booger Harvesting Phillies Fan Guy: it appears his pal is watching his every move closely. And he looks hungry.

Although if you think about it, it’s no big deal, really. I doubt any of this Phillies fan’s friends, co-workers or family members are likely to see that he was caught aggressively mining for nose gold during the Mets-Phillies game at CitiField on Wednesday night or anything, even if this hilarious image was originally published on Deadspin...

Yeah, this guy is so screwed. He ought to prepare himself for a boat load of booger jokes at this point. Better break out the Kleenex, this is snot going to be an enjoyable few days for this nasty nose-picker.