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Nationals reliever manages to injure hand shutting bathroom door

While not as off-the-wall as some of the more unbelievable, often tragically comical, ways in which pro athletes have injured themselves away from the field, court, etc., how Washington Nationals relief pitcher Henry Rodriguez injured his right index finger surely belongs at least a brief mention when the overfilled pantheon of bizarre non-sports-related athlete injuries is discussed.

You see, Rodriguez was unavailable to pitch on Wednesday because he had accidentally slammed the bathroom door on his finger. Derp.

Via Nationals Journal:

After the Nationals’ 5-3 loss to the Marlins on Wednesday, Manager Davey Johnson revealed Henry Rodriguez had slammed a bathroom door shut on his right index finger.

Rodriguez played catch wearing a protective rubber covering over his swollen finger, but he was unavailable to pitch Wednesday night. Johnson hopes Rodriguez will be able to pitch if needed Friday.

“Hopefully we’ll get a little healthier,” Johnson said.

Yes, a little healthier. And hopefully in Rodriguez’s case, he figures out a way to accomplish the dexterously daunting task of shutting a door without managing to smash a finger while doing so. Most children are able to master that skill by the age of 3, 4 tops.

Who knew doors could ever present such an imposing challenge? It’s a stretch, but Rodriguez’s misadventures remind me of this Far Side from way back when: