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Man drilled by cop after strolling on to pitch during U.S.-Brazil match (video)


The U.S. faced Brazil in a friendly match on Wednesday before a crowd of 67,619 at FedEx Field and while the results weren’t favorable for those supporting the home team (the U.S. squad performed poorly and were overwhelmed by the Brazilians, crushed by a score of 4-1), at least we Americans can take solace in the fact that if some wisenheimer dare step foot on the pitch during an international soccer match — friendly or not — that person will pay a most dear price for their antics.

Video follows.

A nattily attired fan (if nattily attired means blue shorts and a wife beater — it is unclear which team he may have been rooting for — made his way on to the pitch after Brazil scored the team’s fourth goal. and while he didn’t appear to be much of a threat (he possessed a countenance and manner more fitting for a leisurely stroll at a park than for all intents and purposes is considered trespassing and causing a public disturbance), one law enforcement officer, taking his responsibilities as an arbiter of keeping the peace and maintaining order quite seriously, prowled his prey with gusto, before viciously tackling the pitch stroller from behind with extreme prejudice, burying the lawbreaker into the turf. I mean the guy is absolutely crushed. It is quite the spectacle.

As you can see, several of the officer’s uniformed comrades from the FedEx Field Gestapo come to the assistance of “Terry Tate: Stadium Security Linebacker,” securing the man in cuffs before escorting him off the field.

Let that be a lesson to any person who thinks they can get away with such tomfoolery at a soccer match. Here in the States, as far as pitch invaders are concerned, there is no such thing as “friendly.”

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