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Justin Verlander hits homer over Green Monster during batting practice (video)

With another round of interleague play on the horizon — Detroit will be in Cincinnati a week from Friday to play the Reds in a three-game series — Tigers ace Justin Verlander took some rips with the lumber during batting practice before Wednesday’s tilt with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Before we go any further, it warrants mentioning that in official MLB at-bats, Verlander is 0-for-22 with 15 strikeouts. Not surprising given the infrequency of opportunities for pitchers to hit in the American League, but one would reasonably think that at one point or another, Verlander would have squeaked a bleeder through the infield at least once. But to no avail, as his .000 batting average remains staring him in the face.

Moving on to Wednesday’s BP session. Verlander, while unsuccessful at the plate in big league games, appears to have some semblance of skill with bat in his hands, as evidenced by the home run he hit over the famed Green Monster.

Video of Verlander’s home run shot follows.

Verlander even bragged about his homer afterward, tweeting Thursday afternoon:

Nice. I might be overstating it a bit, but that was truly a vulgar display of power right there. Okay, it wasn’t vulgar in the least, but give me something for the Pantera reference, people.

Speaking of vulgar, I wonder if Verlander’s traditional night-before-a-start meal of Taco Bell had anything to do with his demonstration of batting practice prowess, because it did not serve him well the previous evening, as he surrendered an uncharacteristic 10 hits and 5 earned runs in a losing effort against the BoSox. Maybe the Bell needed a little more time to digest this time and work its magic or something.

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