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Tom Brady on star turn in Funny Or Die vid: ‘It’s not like Tom Hanks in Castaway’

By now you have likely seen New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s brilliant appearance in a Funny of Die sketch where Brady portrays himself as he gets ever so annoyed at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in California.

In it, a Dick’s employee keeps making fun of Brady’s supposed Boston accent as an exasperated Brady insists — ultimately in a demonstration of violent frustration when he punches a cardboard cutout of himself — that he’s actually a California native and only plays football in the Greater Boston area.

Brady joined Dennis and Callahan on Boston’s WEEI to discuss several topics, including how he enjoyed taking part in the Funny or Die video and in light of of his superb star turn in said video, what are the chances that he’ll ever appear again as host on Saturday Night Live.

The Funny or Die video and Brady’s comments follow.

Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent from Tom Brady

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On his recent big with Funny or Die:

“It actually, it’s not like Tom Hanks in Castaway, it’s not like I’m playing some dramatic role. It’s pretty much being me. It was fun. It’s interesting when you work with some people for a few years and they go, ‘Why don’t we try this?’ When I saw what they were asking me to do, I thought it could be pretty good. There were some funny parts of that day that maybe they caught on some B-roll stuff. I was laughing pretty much the whole day until they told me to get pissed.”

Would you do Saturday Night Live again?:

“I would. That would be fun to do again at some point if I had the opportunity. That was a great experience. Like a lot of things, you go through them and you don’t appreciate them until they’re over. That was one of those experiences where I loved doing it, but then really realized how much I loved doing it when it was over.”

Indeed. And his modesty about his acting serves him well, although I imagine he’d be pretty good at dramatic acting as well. Further, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that how Brady characterized his Saturday Night Live experience above could also be applied to how he feels about water slides, especially in light of this now-classic photo:

Ha. That never gets old.