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Fail: NFL Shop misspells ‘Rodgers’ on Packers QB’s jersey in mass email ad (pic)

As part of the league’s attempt to move a ton of product of its inventory of brand new Nike jerseys, the NFL initiated an aggressive marketing campaign that included sending out emails to prospective customers that featured a link to NFL Shop where they could “explore the jerseys.”

While a fine idea as far as marketing goes, one should reasonably suspect that before shooting off presumably thousands upon thousands of emails, someone at NFL Shop would double-check to make sure that, you know, the name on the jersey contained in the graphic ad was spelled correctly.

Sadly, that was not the case, at least in the case of the advertisements sent out featuring the image of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers jersey. As illustrated above and originally reported by Pro Football Talk, the nincompoops in charge somehow overlooked that the Packers QB’s last name has a “d” in the middle of it. Derp!

Obviously, the gaffe will be rectified before Roger Goodell can say, “Bring me their heads!” but it is nevertheless an amusing mistake that I am sure someone at NFL Shop will pay dearly for.

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