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Donald Driver talks about ‘Dancing With The Stars’ notoriety, makes me sad

Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Dancing With The Stars winner Donald Driver joined Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio on Tuesday and among the topics discussed was the newfound fame and increased level of notoriety he has enjoyed since winning the pseudo-celebrity dancing competition reality show train wreck of a television program.

Driver admits that competing on the show was “a lot of fun” and suspects the extra attention he has been receiving since boogeying down and winning can mean only one thing: more people — especially women — care about him hoisting the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars than they do about his successful NFL career, which includes a Super Bowl championship. Oh, dread.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

Whether he is more known as a football player or a dancer at this point:

“As a dancer at this point. I think it’s more of the men, they still look at you as the NFL player but I think the women now look at you as ‘hey that’s that guy who was on Dancing With the Stars, he won it.’ Then they say ‘oh yeah that is Donald Driver.’ No one cares about you playing football anymore; they do care about you winning Dancing With the Stars though.”

Sigh. If by “no one” Driver means unhappy, undersexed housewives who cannot bring themselves to cheer on minimally talented, barely post-pubescent male singers on American Idol as their daughters do but have nothing else to watch on TV until the next season of The Bachelor begins, then sure, no one cares about Donald Driver playing football anymore. At least I hope that’s Driver’s definition of “no one.” Otherwise, I weep for our future.