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Bar Refaeli seen canoodling with ginger-haired snowboarder of some renown

(Here's Bar Refaeli, Shaun White photo not included)

The big news of the ever-changing internet news cycle over the past 12 hours or so revolves around the rumors that drop dead gorgeous model Bar Refaeli was spotted “dancing, hugging and kissing” American Olympic snowboarding hero Shaun White. Yeah.

Refaeli, the one-time girlfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, kept White waiting anxiously in NYC’s SoHo lounge. According to a witness, White, who reportedly arrived shortly after midnight with some pals, was apparently “distracted,” and was “pacing, going outside and checking his cell.”

Shortly after about 1:30 a.m., the reason behind his nervousness and distraction became apparent when Refaeli strolled into the club.

Via NY Post’s Page Six:

The half-pipe hero and the Israeli ex of Leonardo DiCaprio promptly hit the dance floor, where they were going for the gold in the canoodle-a-thon. “They were all over each other,” our spy said. “They were dancing, hugging, kissing — you name it.”

You name it? Okay, were they necking? Making out? Groping? Getting frisky? Engaging in mutually authorized bad touches? Did they play a bit of cribbage and then afterward, engage in some “Lovin’, touchin’, squeezin'”? Come on, spy, don’t be such a tease with your inside-scooped info.

Moving on, at about 3:00 a.m., White reportedly escorted Refaeli out of the club to his own car, which he allowed the gorgeous model to drive home. White re-entered the club and continued to hang with some pals.

So, there you have it. In one fell swoop of a sultry supermodel, Shaun White gave hope for gingers everywhere. As long as those aforementioned gingers happen to be a world-class, millionaire athlete. Yeah.

Finally, let’s assume for a moment that these two eventually turn out to be a serious item and weren’t engaging in some kind of nearly incomprehensible fling. What would happen if these two ever produced a child together? What would it look like?

Hey, sorry. Refaeli’s otherworldly, Greek goddesss-like beauty can only accomplish so much when faced with overriding the Flying Tomato’s, uh, unique genetic makeup.