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Tebow comes to defense of Tebowing high school kid temporarily denied diploma

When he wasn’t busy throwing two interceptions in a three-play span during Jets OTAs on Thursday (GAH! IN MAY, EVEN! CAN YOU EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND  WHAT THAT MEANS, BESIDES NOTHING???), Tim Tebow took a moment to come to the defense of the Florida high school student who was temporarily denied his diploma and was forced to clean the gymnasium at his school as punishment for Tebowing during commencement ceremonies.

Tebow admitted he didn’t know all the details related to the hullabaloo caused by Chuck Shriner when he performed an impromptu — and apparently, unwelcome — act of Tebowing as he crossed the stage at graduation, but once informed, Tebow somewhat voiced his support for Shriner:

“I don’t think his diploma should be withheld,” he said. “I think it was probably something a lot of people laughed at. I don’t know that it was necessarily appropriate, but I definitely think he should be able to graduate.”

Now that’s the kind of wishy-washy, noncommittal, lukewarm non-answer that will one day serve Tebow quite well if ever decides to enter the world of politics. Sure, he says the kid should be able to graduate — which Shriner ultimately did — but also mentions that the senior’s antics were not necessarily appropriate. He supports the kid while conceding that perhaps it wasn’t the wisest decision. Well played, Mr. Tim Tebow. You are one savvy, um, question answerer. Or what have you.

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