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Little league ump really brings it ringing up kid on called third strike (video)

To say that this little league umpire goes a bit over the top as he rings up this poor little batter in this video would be a tremendous understatement. His antics, from the way in which he demonstratively shuffles to his left to the incomprehensible gibberish that erupts out of his mouth, are beyond bizarre and perhaps a bit too much for the situation.

But maybe we don’t know this umpire’s story well enough to cast such unfair aspersions and at the same time condemn him for his wacky performance. Maybe he has a dream: a dream to one day become a big league umpire. And maybe he realizes that to achieve that goal it’s going to take hard work, a fierce dedication to honing his craft and, more than anything else, to get noticed by the right people. Who knows who’s sitting in the stands, watching. A scout from the Major League Umpires Association, perhaps, who roams the little league ball fields looking for the best and brightest from the lower ranks that they can groom and mold into one of their own?

No matter. To think like that would be foolish for this little league umpire. Instead, he has to go about his business of calling the game the best darn way he knows how, regardless of who may or may not be watching him, grading him, studying his every umpiring move. Because that’s how you go places in the umpiring world, my friends. And if by chance he hyperactive third strike call gets noticed by the right people, so much the better. Little League Umpire Guy is going to bring it either way. Eventually, it will all pay off and he’ll make it to the big leagues. And if he has to publicly shame a boy playing at a level of baseball a step up or two from tee ball for not taking the bat off his shoulder, so be it.

Video follows.

Jeez, that’s almost reaching “Frank Drebin impersonating an ump in Naked Gun” proportions.

[H/T Sweater Punch]