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Tampa Bay Rays post lineup card with players’ superhero aliases (photo)

Say what you want about the Tampa Bay Rays and their antiseptic stadium, the entire organization, from the players all the way up to management and the front office, those guys sure know how to have fun.

When the Rays players aren’t wearing gladiator helmets in the dugout and the organization isn’t booking the Go-Gos for their summer concert series or coming up with nightmare fuel promotional items or introducing bizarre new mascots, they apparently spend a little bit of time during the long lead-up to game time by coming up with wacky superhero counterparts for the players.

When the Rays lineup card was posted for Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, it showed the superhero aliases for each member of the starting lineup. Most of them are all well and good, but a few things:

  • Other than Superman, Batman and Flash, the superheroes chosen are incredibly Marvel-heavy — where’s the love for DC Comics? Is Plastic Man too obscure? How about Aquaman. The team is named after a sea creature, for Pete’s sake
  • Apparently, Fantastic Four is a popular comic/film among Rays players and while I can see why Invisible Woman isn’t used, why not Thing? They have Mister Fantastic and the Human Torch. What gives?
  • The Silver Surfer? Seriously, Matt Joyce? Granted, Silver Surfer was first introduced in Fantastic Four Issue #48, but if you’re going with him, why not Galactus? He’s bad ass, man.
  • Finally, even though his name wouldn’t show up on the lineup card, who’s manager Joe Maddon’s superhero alias? My suggestion, given Maddon’s use of eyewear, would be Cyclops from the X-Men. But I suppose Professor Xavier would do as well.

All in all, a pretty solid superhero lineup, although I’d have liked to seen some more creative choices featuring more obscure characters. How about Beast or Nightcrawler, even? Or better yet, Sub-Mariner? You know, the whole ocean thing again.