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If this James Harden cake had a secret ingredient, it would be nightmare fuel (pic)

GAH! Don’t eat the damn thing, kill it before it kills you!

Obviously, this photo of a cake made in the likeness of the head of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden created by Homeland Stores has been making its rounds around the interwebs over the past 18 hours or so, but I couldn’t just sit here and not unleash the terrifying image upon folks who — perhaps luckily — had not seen it yet. Because this confectionery nightmare, featuring a Mohawk, headband and Harden’s colossal beard (in frosting form) is truly something that needs to be seen…and then promptly eradicated from one’s memory before it causes the inevitable fracture of one’s psyche.

Burnsy over at With Leather has provided the valuable service of compiling other sports-themed cakes, so I recommend hopping over there for a look-see. But none of those comes close to matching the sweet, sweet terror of James Harden Head Cake.  Look at it. It’s hungry, and if you were ever unlucky enough to be in its presence and were not careful, the roles of eater and “eatee” could be tragically switched before you could say, “Who wants ice cream?”