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Hot off the presses! EA Sports tweets image of Tebow Tebowing in ‘Madden NFL 13’ (pic)

When it was announced this week that among the personalized celebrations to be featured in Madden NFL 13 would be the now-iconic image of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow striking the familiar “Tebowing” pose, I suspect anyone who’s anyone barely could bear to wait to see it for the first time in digitized form. Yep.

Well, the folks at EA Sports were kind enough to upload to Twitter a screenshot of Tebow doing a little Tebowing. The game version of the quarterback, resplendent in his green and white Jets uniform and kneeling in the end zone at MetLife Stadium, is truly a sight to behold.

One question: if Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch, more more appropriately, the Madden NFL 13 version of him, should ever sack Tebow in the game, have the programmers coded the game so he bust into a Tebowing pose as well, much like he did in a game last season? Only seems fair.

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