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A-Rod’s gal pal nearly plowed over in Royals 3B’s diving play into stands (pics)

For a while there, the celebrity sports couple du jour was Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and former WWE Diva-Playboy pinup Torrie Wilson. There relationship started off pretty hot and heavy with a flurry of media attention on their budding romance. But as of late, the focus upon the couple has fizzled, leading me to wonder if they were even an item anymore.

Thankfully, Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas’ diving attempt at tracking down a pop fly propelled him into the stands and right into the lap of Wilson and her unidentified male friend at least rekindled my passing interest in the the Wilson-Rodriguez pairing.

Unfortunately for Moustakas, he did not come up with the ball, and looking at the photo, it appears the ball was snagged by a woman seated behind Wilson and her entourage. No biggie for Wilson, I’m sure.

According to a brief mention of the incident in the New York Daily News — and much to the relief of A-Rod, I imagine — Wilson’s male companion took the brunt of the impact, as his hand was reportedly injured during the play.

But in the end, Wilson was no worse for wear and if I do say so myself, looked pretty darn good. And the Yankees won, edging the Royals 3-2 at Yankees Stadium, so everything turned out great for A-Rod and Torrie. And really, would we want it any other way?