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Weeks forgets number of outs, misses chance at inning-ending double play (vid)

DERP! It’s not bad enough that Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks is in the throes of a season-long slump at the plate (.155 BA, 54 strikeouts in 148 at-bats, only 4 homers while knocking in an abysmal 7 RBI), he’s also experiencing brain farts out while playing defense now, too, at least on one occasion.

During the second inning of Monday’s 4-3 loss to the San Francisco Giants, Brewers shortstop Cesar Izturis fields a grounder off the bat of Brandon Crawford. Izturis tossed the ball over to Weeks to initiate the double play, only Weeks must have lost track of the number of outs because instead of relaying the ball to first to end the inning, Weeks simply steps on second for the force play and appears to be starting his scamper towards the dugout.

After a few seconds, Weeks realizes his mistake , but it was far too late to do anything about it at that point. Fortunately, the next batter was retired, so nothing much came of Weeks’ brain freeze, except for the opportunity it afforded us to to make fun of him, courtesy of

I guess all that can be added is that, from this point forward, as far as outs are concerned, is to tell the second  baseman this: Rickie don’t lose that number.

Yeah, that’s a Steely Dan reference. Sure, Weeks’ first name is spelled differently than how it is in the title of the song, but that doesn’t take away from how lame the joke was in the first place.