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Braves bullpen throws sunflower seeds at ball boy after he boots grounder (video)

A couple days late on this video, but it’s far too amusing to pass up briefly mentioning it.

One of the more important responsibilities of a ball boy at work in a major league ballpark is to ensure the safety of members of both teams’ bullpens if those bullpens happen to be located on the playing surface and not tucked behind the outfield walls. On Sunday, a Tampa Bay Rays ballboy failed his assignment as he booted a ground ball that was bearing down upon the Atlanta Braves bullpen. Due to his fielding error, the ball came perilously close to hitting Braves relief pitcher Liván Hernández, who led his bullpen cohorts in mocking the poor lad as they rained sunflower seeds upon the disgraced boy, who had no choice but to hang his head in shame.

It appeared to be all in good fun, as Hernández attempted to give the kid a high-five after ridiculing and humiliating the ball boy in front of everyone in the stadium and eventually folks on the internet. But hey, at least big league ballplayers aren’t supposed to have chewing tobacco in the ballpark anymore. If so, this could have been a lot uglier. And much, much grosser.

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