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Rory McIlroy dorks it up in photo with some gladiators at the Coliseium in Rome

Rory McIlroy on WhoSay

Hoo boy. Rory McIlroy recently spent some time sightseeing in the wonderful city of Roma, Italia and as you can see above, a photo snapped by a fellow traveler completely dorkifies the golfing phenom as he playfully pretends to bury a blade into the throat of a guy dressed up as a gladiator. A whole lotta awkwardness going on in that pic.

As mentioned over at Devil Ball Golf, the boys on Tour likely will have a lot of fun with that photographic memento, as well as the ones below where Rory dons a helmet and poses on a scooter (that can be seen here). Yep. When in Rome…

Hopefully, Rory’s Roman holiday didn’t end up like Clark Griswold’s in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. As any student of fine cinema can tell you, a dirty movie he and wife Ellen made ended up in the wrong hands and became the subject of a billboard advertisement in Rome for a pornographic movie. I imagine Rory’s gal pal Caroline Wozniacki — much like Ellen Griswold — wouldn’t be too pleased with that development, either.