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Redskins long snapper’s enormous back tattoo is epic, literally (photo)

On Thursday, Washington Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg tweeted an updated pic of the massive, sprawling tattoo he originally started having inked upon his back in 2010.

Sundberg explained the theme of the ginormous piece of body art to The Redskins Blog in August 2010:

“It’s not finished yet,” Sundberg told Terl, “but it’s a Greek mythology scene. I’ve got a lot of Greek in the old bloodlines. It starts up with Mt. Olympus, the middle section is Earth, and the bottom is the Underworld. You’ve got Zeus, Hector, Achilles, Hercules, Hades, Ares…quite a bit going on. For the first tattoo it was definitely a big one to choose, I guess. My mom was kind of shocked when I came home and had the whole outline done.”

Get it? Epic? Clever, eh? All I know is I wouldn’t want D.C. radio station KTOP 103.5 taking a crack at writing a headline about the tattoo, in light of their epic fail in writing that RGIII headline.

Back in 2010, the tattoo looked like this, and as you can see, a lot has been filled in, and quite nicely to boot. One can only imagine how long Sundberg he was under the needle while this incredible tattoo was getting etched into his back.

What I do know is that if by some sorcerer’s incantation (bear with me here), the mythological characters depicted in Sundberg’s tattoo sprung to life, they would destroy what would emerge from Andrei Kirilenko’s equally impressive back tattoo. I mean a Paladin riding a dragon is cool and all and a formidable foe, but those are Greek gods on Sundberg’s back, for crying out loud.

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