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Jose Canseco makes Worcester Tornadoes debut, things go, well, not so great (video)

Jose Canseco made his heavily anticipated debut with the Worcester Tornadoes (I wonder if their official condiment is Worcestershire Sauce) of the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball, an independent professional baseball league, on Thursday evening as his new team played an away game against the Newark Bears. Some enterprising fellow had the foresight to record every pitch of Canseco’s at-bats, so we here on the internets are afforded the pleasure of watching how Canseco’s night at the plate went without having to travel to Newark, which has its own rewards.

The results? For a guy who maintains he has the goods to still be a force in the MLB? Not so great: Jose drew two walks before striking out twice. Yeah, could’ve been worse. Could’ve been a lot better, too. All I know is the Iron Sheik is thrilled with the outcome. And hey, at least Jose showed up in person for this and didn’t send his brother Ozzie.

Strangely, Canseco has been eerily quiet on Twitter since his debut on Thursday evening, with only one tweet directed to the attention of @MichaelBittner where Canseco writes, “you lieing pric,” in response to the following tweet: “@JoseCanseco: excited to play ball tonight, once complained about his team having to play in World Series every yr. Life’s funny like that”

Burn. I suppose all you can say is the only direction is up from Canseco’s performance last night, but if his baseball-playing aspirations are going to interfere with his tweeting, I have to wonder: is it worth it?

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