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Headline on D.C. radio station’s website: ‘RGIII beats off on Leno’ (pic)

Now that, my friends, most definitely — to utilize NBC’s old tagline when it dominated prime-time television viewing — would not be “Must See TV.” Ouch.

Fans of either unwatchable late-night television talk shows or the Washington Redskins (or both) are aware that Robert Griffin III made an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday night. The Redskins first round draft pick and presumed savior of the franchise engaged in some friendly banter with Jay Leno and a grand time was had by one and all.

During his appearance, RG3 showcased his beatboxing skills, and this was evidently the segment of the interview that the headline writer over at the website for D.C. radio station WTOP 103.5 wished to highlight with video footage. Unfortunately, the headline doesn’t come across so much as a description of RG3 creating beats via his verbal percussion skills but more a description of, um, something much more unseemly and not suitable for network television. Yeah.

The headline has since been changed, but one enterprising individual on Twitter had the wherewithal to snag the original headline from his smartphone so the hilarious gaffe would be properly documented before it was too late. Well done, @IMGoph. You have earned a Warm Fuzzy for your efforts. The writer of the original headline, however, earns a Cold Prickly for their work. No pun intended.

Note: See here for an explanation of Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies, although I’d suspect most people have heard of them.

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