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Behold, the Great Bratbino, a 2-foot long bratwurst named for Josh Hamilton (pic)

(image courtesy of the Rangers)

Make some room, Boomstick, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington has added another ginormous wiener to its arsenal of delectable, over-sized foodstuffs. Because as far as ballpark fare is concerned, bigger is always better and there’s always space for more artery-clogging items. Behold, the Great Bratbino.

Set to debut at the start of the next homestand on May 26 when the Texas Rangers face the Toronto Blue Jays, the Great Batbino, named in honor of the Rangers’ on-fire slugger Josh Hamilton, is an awe-inspiring bratwurst-based delight. At two-feet long (it’s almost as big as Creepy Ron Washington Puppet!) and weighing a whopping one-pound, the Great Bratbino will come with sauerkraut, but chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos will also be available as toppings. It’s safe to say that the Great Bratbino puts the “gas” in “gastronomic.”

As mentioned above, the Great Bratbino joins its frankfurter cousin, the Boomstick (which was originally announced under the name “Champion Dog” but apparently has since been changed to a much more clever moniker), and will also cost hungry, hungry Rangers fans a tidy twenty-six smackeroos. Spendy AND heartburn-inducing. I like it.

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