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Royals OF Alex Gordon fouls pitch off ground straight into his ding-a-ling (video)

Commence cringing, gentlemen, because what happened to Kansas City Royals left fielder on Wednesday night during the bottom of the 15th inning in a marathon game against the Baltimore Orioles is truly a painful ordeal to watch.

With the Royals down to their last out and trailing the Orioles 4-3, Gordon takes a cut at a pitch from right-handed reliever Jim Johnson. The ball goes straight down into the dirt, only to carom directly upward…straight into Gordon’s crotch. Ouch.

Video follows.

Sadly for Gordon and his Royals teammates — and especially painful for Gordon — after doubling over in pain and regathering himself and his faculties, Gordon grounded out to second, sending the Orioles to victory in the late Kansas City night. And Gordon straight into the clubhouse, likely to seek out a bag of ice. Yeesh.

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