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Nothing to see here, just an obese 76ers fan’s shirtless dance for Barkley (vid)

In response to the much ballyhooed, highly entertaining “Shirt-Off” that occurred during TNT’s studio show on Tuesday evening between analysts Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, this portly Philadelphia 76ers fan — perhaps “portly” is too kind, this guy has his own gravitational field — showed the world he has what it takes to be the true champion of the “Shirt-Off.” Well, if being the true champion of the “Shirt-Off” is inspiring legions of NBA fans to recoil in horror as a man lifts up his shirt and jiggles the night away.

Yamma hamma, it’s fright night. That’s not good for anybody, save for perhaps pharmaceutical companies who synthesize drugs that treat diabetes.

The video, which is profoundly disturbing, yet impossible to look away from, follows, as well as footage of the so-called “76ers Gutman” attempting to distract Kevin Garnett while the Celtics star attempts some free throws. Enjoy.

Jeez Louise, that footage is borderline hypnotic. But not in a good way. And here’s a question: what’s up with the guy behind 76ers Gutman trying to worm his pasty-white way in on Gutman’s schtick. Hey, less-portly jiggler: leave it to the professionals, alright?

Moving on, here’s 76ers Gutman’s attempt at distracting KG:

In the end, even 76ers Gutman’s antics couldn’t save the day for the home team, as Boston beat Philadelphia by a score of 107-91 to take a 2-1 series lead. But at least we’ll have the memories. The fatty, morbidly obese memories.

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