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NBC4 Los Angeles apologizes on-air for Kings logo gaffe (video)

The gnashing of teeth, the lighting of torches and the sharpening of pitchforks by the angry villagers in the greater Los Angeles area can now be put to rest now that NBC 4 Los Angeles, a station who inexplicably used the Sacramento Kings logo when airing a report on the Los Angeles Kings earlier this week, officially issued an on-air apology to viewers during its Tuesday night broadcast.

Overall, it appears that the station was most sincere in its apology and hey, mistakes are mistakes: we all make them, but that doesn’t excuse this egregious error that occurred later in Tuesday night’s broadcast during a subsequent report on the Kings :

Via Puck Daddy:

Okay, okay. That’s not real. But I could see it happening. Alright, I couldn’t, but had it occurred, I’d recommend NBC4 pack up shop or at the very least discontinue reporting on the NHL’s version of the Kings, something they will likely do anyway if and when the Kings are eliminated from this season’s NHL playoffs and will continue on until the team reaches the Conference Finals again.